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Tony says:
“Sociidot helps people move from ideas to actions so they can turn their dreams into realities!”

Tony Molina & Sociidot

Tony Molina is one of the top personal trainers in the country, and the creator of the trademarked "Multiple Planes of Resistance" (MPR™) conditioning system. He regularly works with a high-end client base, and he's teamed up with Sociidot to make his physical fitness expertise more accessible to the rest of us.

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About Tony

Tony A. Molina is recognized as one of the nation’s top personal trainers. Featured widely in publications including Vogue, Self, Fitness, WSJ, Men’s Health, W, New York, US Weekly, Hampton, New York Post, Parents, In Touch, and Women’s Health, he is touted as a leading authority on fitness. He has also been featured by VH1 as a celebrity trainer in the “Hollywood’s Tightest Bodies” special and as fitness expert commentator for the Oscar’s Red Carpet by US Weekly, In Touch, and W. Since 1992 Tony has worked with a high-end client base, which includes a guarded list of celebrities and CEO’s, preparing them for their film, television, theatre, photo, and life demands. His Multiple Planes of Resistance™ (MPR™) trademarked conditioning system delivers anti-aging, muscle toning and rapid results. This is accomplished through the higher caloric burn rate of MPR™ exercises requiring the use of more muscles per exercise and the resultant increased post workout recovery burn rate.