Paul Sloane

Paul says:
“I am excited to be contributing to this innovative app. I am sure it is going to help a great many people.”

Paul Sloane & Sociidot

Paul Sloane is the UK's top leadership speaker on innovation, a recognized expert on lateral thinking and leadership, and the founder of Destination-Innovation. He has written 25 books on lateral puzzles, creative problem solving, and lateral leadership. He's teamed up with Sociidot to help more people achieve breakthrough solutions and radical innovations.

My Top Roadmap

Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

Find an innovative solution to a problem

Life is a Journey, How Will You Dot It?

Vision Board

See your goals in your personal vision board. View your roadmap at a glance, and work your way through it one little bit at a time.


Create a roadmap for each of your most important goals. Roadmaps from experts will show you the path to follow to your ideal life.


Get the right advice at the right time. Complete your roadmaps with tips from people who understand.

About Paul

Paul Sloane writes and speaks on lateral thinking, innovation, crowdsourcing and leadership. After reading Engineering at Cambridge University he joined IBM where he came top of Sales School. He was part of the team that launched the IBM PC in the UK. He went on to be MD of the database leaders, Ashton-Tate and VP International for MathSoft. He is the author of 25 books which have sold over two 2 million copies in all. Titles include How to be a Brilliant Thinker, The Innovative Leader and Lateral Thinking Puzzlers. He speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops for corporate clients such as Microsoft, Unilever and Bayer. He lives in Camberley in England and is married with three daughters.