Nicole Brydson

Nicole says:
“Why make rookie mistakes when Sociidot’s experiential experts will share with you their well-worn roadmap to success?”

Nicole Brydson & Sociidot

Nicole Brydson is a journalist, multimedia producer, creative strategist, and the founder of Misfit Media and She's teamed up with Sociidot to help aspiring entrepreneurs get going.

My Top Roadmap

Build a Wordpress Site on Your Server

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Life is a Journey, How Will You Dot It?

Vision Board

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About Nicole

I am a journalist, producer, entrepreneur and interdisciplinary consultant to musicians, artists and performers on the intersection of creative expression and digital strategy. I was born and raised in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood and now I live in Brooklyn.

Along with my partner Rhett Henckel, I run Misfit Media, a creative agency that develops digital communications strategy for emerging independent creative projects in film, music and art.

In 2008, I founded – a multimedia webzine based on my New York Observer column – which connects the real and digital cultural landscape of Brooklyn’s avant-garde.