Gijs van Wulfen

Gijs says:
“On Sociidot I love to make complex things easy.”

Gijs van Wulfen & Sociidot

Gijs van Wulfen is a renowned authority on innovation and a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and workshops. He is the founder of the FORTH innovation methodology, which has had 35+ successful implementations in Europe. Gijs has teamed up with Sociidot to inspire you to be creative and innovative.

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Life is a Journey, How Will You Dot It?

Vision Board

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Create a roadmap for each of your most important goals. Roadmaps from experts will show you the path to follow to your ideal life.


Get the right advice at the right time. Complete your roadmaps with tips from people who understand.

About Gijs

Gijs van Wulfen (1960; Dutch) is the founder of the FORTH innovation method, a fast and structured way to ideate new products, services and business models (  Linkedin invited him as one of their first 150 Influencers and he was chosen as the number 3 in the International Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2013.

Gijs studied business economics, worked as a marketer in the fast moving consumer goods sector and as boardroom consultant. He is a best selling author on innovation at Amazon with his latest book titled ‘The Innovation Expedition’: a visual toolkit to start innovation.

Gijs is asked by companies and organisations to help them kick start innovation. Industrial and services companies and non-profit organisations use FORTH. He is a regular speaker at international Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking conferences. He loves to inspire others to be creative and innovate, also here on