Where do you want your life to go next? You know what you want to do, but actually doing it is the hard part. With the Sociidot app, all the goals you have for your life are in your own hands. Literally.

Sociidot is about visualizing the life you want and taking action one "dot" at a time. You imagine the best life you can live and set up roadmaps to define your goals and the actions that will help you complete them. Working toward a goal becomes easier when you can see all the actions needed and get a clear picture of how far you've already come. The roadmaps you create will bring you closer to the life you imagined.

A picture is how it all begins. You use your phone to snap a picture that represents where you want to end up. Once you've begun to visualize the journey, you can start adding dots to the roadmap. Every dot is an action that you need to take in order to achieve the pictured goal. As you follow the path you've outlined, you'll be able to track your dots and see your roadmap come alive.

Sociidot won't achieve your goals for you. You've got to be serious about moving yourself forward. But if you are, this is the perfect tool for plotting out the path and giving yourself the push you need to get going. Designed using principles of positive psychology and brain science, Sociidot is here to make the process simpler, so that you can focus on getting where you want to be and having something real to show for it at the end.

Life is about the journey. You wouldn’t set out on a journey without a roadmap, would you?